Leadership development

People are driven by a desire for a future that offers more than the past. Leaders imagine that future. They inspire others by sketching a dot on the horizon. They achieve results that were previously considered out of reach. They do this by getting the best out of their team members.
Leaders lead others. In order to do that properly, they must first lead themselves consciously - even if that is difficult and if old patterns are tough. Personal leadership is about taking responsibility for yourself, for your own mindset and your impact on others. This allows you to give positive direction to the content of your work and give others inspiring direction.

LMS approach
LMS challenges leaders. We give them direction, offer space, coach and mirror. As a result, the leader can move himself and the organization. We approach leadership development from two perspectives: development of people and development of the organization. These two views come together in the Learning and Development Architect®. We develop leadership through personal coaching and/or through our leadership training. If desired, all these training courses can be tailor-made.

The result of leadership development is (among other things):

Bewust leiden van jezelf: je weet wat jou inspireert, wat jou positief en negatief triggert en hoe je effectiever met jouw eigen onzekerheden om kunt gaan.
‘In control’ zijn bij de inhoud van je werk: je weet waar je (met jouw team) naartoe wilt, wat de prioriteiten zijn, hoe je problemen effectief kunt ontrafelen en hoe je stakeholders in kaart kunt brengen.
Effectief leiden van anderen: je kunt effectief delegeren en beïnvloeden, je weet hoe je anderen kunt inspireren, je bent vaardig in het bouwen van sterke professionele relaties en je bent bekwaam in het laten groeien van nieuw leiderschapstalent.