Organizational development

Organizational development

Organizational development can be like playing simultaneous chess, on multiple boards. At least three variables require attention at the same time: strategy, structure and culture. Strategy is about direction. Structure is about the system and agreements. Culture is about collaboration that leads to desired results.
The theory is simple, but practice can be unruly. Vision and strategy are often visualized in a beautiful way, but a large part can get stuck in the process of execution. It is not without reason that the effectiveness of organizational change have been at a disappointing level for decades.

LMS approach
Organizational development requires an unambiguous change approach at organizational, team and individual level. LMS designs such approaches, in close collaboration with the client. The building blocks we provide are the product of our knowledge and experience in leadership development, personal development and team development.

The role of LMS in organizational development is: mirroring, inspiring, guiding, advising and coaching. The client and their teams determine the content. We focus on the balance between strategy, structure and culture.

LMS provides a process that brings out the best in the leader and their team. Our main interventions are in the area of mindset and behavior. We do not publish extensive organizational analysis, nor do we write reports. The client determines the content, we focus on the process.


Inspiration for the desired future
Involvement of people who are committed to this future
A clear view of the results to be achieved
Commitment to change strategies
An organization with a connection between heart and mind